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Talisman: Definition taken from Webster's New World Dictionary ~ tal-is-man : magic figure, horoscope, something as a ring or stone, bearing engraved figures or symbols supposed to bring good luck, keep away evil, etc.  Hence, anything supposed to have magic power; a charm.

Astronology: Word created by Isidro Nilsson ~ Derived from two pre-existing words "Astronomy" and "Astrology" ~ Astronology is the bringing together of what started together. The study of Astronomy and Astrology. It seems they have taken two different directions but as we look closer, we see that the two have actually developed two sides of the same phenomenon.

On the one hand, we have Astronomy, giving us all the hard facts about the world around us as far as the human mind can see and understand.  All that data is calculated and computed to create a visual picture of what we can see and measure and therefore, perceive to be real.

Astronomy deals with interaction between astral bodies and how they affect each other. From an Astronomy point of view, we seldom think about the interaction between people and astral bodies.  Unless we consider the possible contact or close encounter of some astral body with Earth ( like asteroids).  Yes, close encounter, because when two astral bodies are in close proximity to one another, a very measurable difference is indicated in their speed, velocity, acceleration, and gravitational effects among other things.  Astronomy does not deal or dwell a great deal with how these close encounters affect people or life on our planet.

On the other hand, we have Astrology which considers some of this data and extends it to people and life on Earth.  Much of this data is gathered from historical archives.  Simply correlating what is observed in the heavens to what is observed on Earth Life.  This has traditionally been a little hard to accept because the physics of Astrology seems to go where no man has gone before, or more accurately, see what few men have seen before. OK perhaps you think we're getting a bit into the twilight zone. Well perhaps we need to look into the twilight to see what is in plain light.

The planetary patterns created by the planets and the other astral bodies, has a marked and measurable affect on situations here on Earth.  For example, we determined that every 11 years, there are unusual phenomenon on earth and in the behavior and/or health or condition of life on earth.  We can correlate these phenomenon with the unusual solar activity we know as solar flares.  This idea that the behavior of a star, our sun, can have an affect on life, our lives, is quite evident today.  At times, this solar activity is so pronounced that it interferes with our communication systems.  Cell phones stop working, radio reception is distorted, and many high tech equipment is affected. Wow, now we have to change the way we do things traditionally (like no cell phones) because some astral body has bridged the gap between the physical and the metaphysical. Our psyche is affected, and we actually have information at our disposal that can warn us of these upcoming events. We don't actually know this is going to happen but we have a pretty good idea that it will by looking at the historical archives.  The same type of historical archives that much of astrology is based on.

Accepting the fact that there is not only a connection or influence of energies between the astral bodies but also between the astral bodies and the human body, we arrive at ASTRONOLOGY.

Astronology and Astronologer are  Trademarks of
Nilsson Technologies, Inc.
~ Isidro G. Nilsson, President ~ Copyright 1999/2002